Daily CX Review – McMillan Running

Okay. This is a new idea that I wanted to try out. Every day, the average person interacts with around a dozen services. Many of them are terrible experiences.

I work with organisations to help them design better customer & user experiences. So I’ve decided to do a daily blog review of one of the experiences I’ve had the previous day. Simple!

Here’s what each review will include:

  1. The business / organisation name
  2. Details of the service I’ve used
  3. What they did well
  4. What wasn’t so good
  5. Any other relevant details
  6. A score out of 10

Over time, we’ll build a league table. You’ll also get the added bonus of an insight into my daily life. Plus I’m starting this 2 days before I fly to Spain with Joanna for a short break, so maybe not the best timing, but I’m sure there will be experiences in Girona to tell you about.

So here goes, this is the first review:

Monday 17th April 2017

Business – McMillan Running

Service – Online training plan

What they did well – The owner, Greg McMillan, replied himself to a helpdesk query I posted on Sunday afternoon (Easter Sunday). I totally didn’t expect a reply until at least Monday, and certainly not a reply from the business owner!

What wasn’t so good – When I paid by PayPal, I wasn’t given the option of choosing which card to take the payment from. That may have been my error of course.

Any other relevant details – Whilst the Training Plans are clearly automated, the customer journey has been very well designed, and the on-boarding sequence has been very good. The emails over the past couple of days have been really helpful, and the content is being dripped in a really nice way. Also, Greg and I had a nice little email exchange. He was incredibly friendly.

Score – 9/10

Oh, did I mention that I’ve entered a half marathon in October? The proper training starts NOW!


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