Daily CX Review – Starbucks, Dundee

Tuesday 18th April 2017

Business – Starbucks, Overgate Centre, Dundee

Service – Coffee & muffin (it was skinny, don’t judge me!)

What they did well – The staff are always friendly here. I visit quite often when I’m in town, so a few of them know me and will smile and say hi. Little, personal, touches like that make a difference.

What wasn’t so good – I don’t like the size of the coffees that Starbucks sell, they’re just too big and milky for my taste. However, I noticed that they’ve recently added the ‘short’ size to the menu. I had a ‘short’ latte at the end of last week, and it was just the right size for a latte. Progress.

Any other relevant details – one of the reasons that I use Starbucks is that they make it easy for me. I have a Starbucks card, with my account set to always have £20 of credit on my card. The card is linked to the Starbucks App, which lets me pay directly from the app. I believe that it’s also possible to order from the App, although I’ve not tried that yet. Want to build loyal customers? Make it easy for them!

Score – 8/10

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