Daily CX Review – Run4It, Dundee

Wednesday 18th April 2017
Business – Run4It, Dundee
Service – Buying clothing
What they did well – It’s been so cold in the mornings lately. I needed to buy a new long-sleeved running jersey as I’ve got a few thermal tops, but only a couple that will do when the temperature is in the low single digits.
For several years now I’ve been a customer of Run4It, stretching back to 2006 when I met Duncan Riddoch, who’s one of the owners – I was an organiser of the very first Garioch 10k, and they were one of the sponsors.
The service at Run4It is always good. The staff are keen runners themselves, and take an interest in the customer. They’re not pushy or in your face like some retail staff can be. They let you know that they’re available if you need any help. We always end up chatting about our training and races. It’s more than just going into a shop – you feel welcomed and with your ‘tribe’.
I got my jersey – a charcoal Ron Hill number, and picked up a couple of gels.
What wasn’t so good – Not their fault, but the parking down at Dock Street and the Waterfront just now is a royal pain in the ass. That’s something that we’ve got to look forward to for the next couple of years. It must affect their trade?
Any other relevant details – Run4It have always been good at connecting with the local running community. Sure, I could go online and probably buy the same product a little cheaper, but I feel good about supporting the local store. I know that I’ll need to change my shoes in a couple of hundred miles, and I’ll be going back to Run4It to get measured up and have my running gait checked on their fancy machine. You don’t get that experience online!
Score – 9/10

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