Just do it! 

In the back of my mind for a few weeks now has been a little thought. It’s been nagging away at me, and this morning on my long run it appeared in all its glory:

Why are you running another half marathon? You’ve done two already. Run a marathon! It’s only May and you’re already running 11 miles. Just do it!

It’s a fair point. So over breakfast I found myself searching for autumn marathons. Originally I had planned to do the half in October, then build up to a Spring marathon. But that means doing lots of long training runs over the winter, when it’s dark & cold. Why not do that over the summer instead? Much more pleasant! Then build on it over the winter.

Kinda makes sense, doesn’t it?

So here I am, sitting in the garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon, looking at the Loch Ness Marathon website. It’s on 24th September, still 19 weeks away. 

Is that enough time to do it justice? 

6 thoughts on “Just do it! 

  1. It’s the most amazing marathon Ali, the scenery is stunning. It’s a tough one to do, albeit the downhill start gives the wrong first impression. Mile 18 has an uphill section, just when your least need it. Apparently only 1% of the world population ever complete a marathon!

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