Hay Fever & hunger flats

So, this was officially the first week of training with a focus on the marathon in September. It’s still a long way off, but it’s good to have a target to focus on.

I’ve never had a problem with being motivated to train, but knowing that I’ll be running a marathon in a few months time certainly focuses the mind.

May has always been a difficult time of the year for me as an athlete. The pollens that come out at this time of the year play havoc with my cardiovascular system. Back in my bike racing days it got so bad that I simply couldn’t do race efforts, either in training or racing. May was a write off, as was the early part of June.

True to form, my hay fever has been pretty bad the past few weeks. Living, and running, in the country, where my runs are through avenues of fields, probably exacerbates the problem. I take a lot of prescription medication to manage it, but once again it’s been affecting me.

On Tuesday morning, as soon as I walked out the door I knew I was in for a tough session. Not only was my hay fever playing up, the temperature and humidity were both much higher than the previous few weeks.

It’s days like these where my motivation helps me, and with Tuesday’s session calling for 12 x 20 second intervals at mile pace, with 1 minute recoveries, I needed to knuckle down and grind it out. Which I did.

Wednesday was due to be an easy run, just 35 mins, which I decided to do after work. I’m not a huge fan of training later in the day – I tend to be tired and often struggle, and so it turned out on Wednesday. After 2.5 miles, I had that empty feeling – just nothing in the tank. I’d eaten well during the day, did all the right things, but my body just wasn’t having it. Does that ever happen to you?

I was going to be in Aberdeen Thursday/Friday, and the plan was to train in Aberdeen on Thursday evening. However, I didn’t fancy a repeat of Wednesday night, so instead I found myself setting the alarm for 4.41am, and getting out the door just before 5am. I smashed out an interval session comprising 6 x 1km at slightly faster than 10km pace. I felt great!

It’s funny how the body works. I’ve learned to listen to it over the years, so whilst this meant I had to get up early on Thursday, I got a quality session done, and it meant I could relax at my hotel in the evening.

After this weekend’s training, I’ve totalled 29 miles for the week. Feeling good, and looking forward to the week ahead.

Let’s see what it brings!

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