It’s all about the food really…

As anyone who does an endurance sport will tell you, we burn a lot of calories. Whether that’s intense interval training during the week, or long runs at the weekend, one of my favourite things is refuelling the body. Which means eating!

Eating (along with sleeping) happens to be one of my favourite things, so the fact that I can burn and then need to replace thousands of calories makes me happy.

A few years back, when I was still racing the bike, I did some work with a sports nutritionist. He asked me to keep a food diary for a couple of weeks, then I sent that to him and we had a Skype call to discuss what he’d found.

Basically I was eating too much of the wrong stuff. Too much carbohydrate, too much of which was high GI, and not enough fat or protein. He taught me that I need to adapt my nutrition to suit the type of training I’m doing. Taking this further, he also explained how I should have different kinds of meals whether I trained in the morning or later in the day.

This tailored approach has now become popular, thanks in large part to Joe Wicks, The Body Coach. Joe’s books have helped me choose some amazing meals that compliment my training. 

On rest days (always a Monday), I hardly eat any carbs at all. Instead, my diet is made up of fats & protein. I get excited on a Sunday evening knowing that on a Monday I’m going to have one of my favourite meals – Joe’s no bread eggs benedict. It tastes amazing!! 

My other favourite meal, post-training this time, is banana protein pancakes. OMG, these are just the best thing ever. For a while I got carried away and would have them after every morning session (I always train fasted when I train in the morning), however that was getting a bit ridiculous. So now I limit myself to having them at the weekend after my long run. I actually start thinking about them when I’m out there, knowing that when the run is over, I’m going to have this amazing food to eat. Keeps me going sometimes!

So, you see, it really is all about the food. What’s your diet like? Do you have any tips or favourite pre or post training meals to share?

This week in numbers:

  • Miles run – 22.3 
  • Time on my feet – 3hrs 22min
  • Bike sessions – 1 (torrential rain on Wednesday)
  • Rounds of golf – 2 (hadn’t played for four years before Friday!!)

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