Listening to my body

Well, that’s week 3 in the bag. Fairly uneventful to be honest. An easy run on Tuesday, Progression run on Thursday, easy run and drills on Saturday, long run today. Bing, bang, bosh!

The big thing I’ve done this week, is listen to my body. Wednesday & Friday are optional days in my training plan. I can either have a rest day, cross train, or do an easy run. Most weeks I do an easy run or short bike ride on Wednesday and take Friday as a rest day.

However this past week I’ve felt really tired. Like properly pooped. So on Tuesday evening I made the decision not to train on Wednesday. Instead, I had a lie-in until 6.30am, then made my favourite banana protein pancakes for breakfast. I ate well all day, and did everything I could to help my body rest & recover.

I didn’t always think this way. Back in the early days of my bike racing career, I remember pounding myself into the ground. My form started to dip, so I trained harder. Got worse, I increased the effort. I had over-trained, and this was my body’s way of telling me to ease up.

I learned my lesson, and ever since I’ve listened to my body. Yeah, I could have still got my ass out of bed at 5.15am on Wednesday, done a wee run, it wouldn’t have taken much out of me. But I needed to rest. So I did.

The other thing that used to happen a lot when I raced the bike, was that my calves would cramp up towards the end of a race. So when I started running I decided to wear compression socks. Now, I don’t know if they really do help, but it makes me feel better, and I look like one of those cool people on Instagram.

Only once this year have I got a niggly injury, and that was after an easy run where I didn’t wear my compression socks, so now they go on for every run.

On to week 4, which is a recovery week 😊

This week in numbers: 

  • Miles run – 31
  • Time on my feet – 4:38:58
  • Mornings I didn’t get up until after 6am – 3

4 thoughts on “Listening to my body

  1. I need to follow your example and have a few mornings where I get up after 6am. Also, I am off work right now–I actually have the time to sleep in and I still don’t let myself do it. The sun pours in and I’m always anxious to get the day going–I think i need some blackout blinds! I have a feeling that listening to my body is going to be one of my toughest challenges in training, which seems odd cause I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Resting is hard though–I’m hoping I can learn from you and others who have talked about getting injured and/or running themselves into the ground, hoping I can learn from your story instead of being hard headed and having to learn from my own! Thanks Alasdair. Btw, is there a short for your name or do you go by Alasdair?

    1. I think the further we get into our marathon training, the more rest we’re going to need. I’m taking every minute of rest I can get! 😁 My friends call me Ali, please feel free to use that

  2. Perhaps listening to our body is something we learn as we get older but we never look back. I started doing that a couple of years ago and my performances have been so much better. Top tip, improve the mobility at your hips and foot/ankle joints and you’ll get rid of your tight calfs 🙂

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