Time for a refresh

As you may have noticed, I’ve been playing around with different themes the past few weeks. I’ve also been consolidating a couple of websites I own into this one.

Previously I’d had a ‘business-focused’ site at http://www.alasdairmcgill.com, and a separate ‘personal’ blog, where I mainly wrote about running & cycling. However, like many people, my work & personal lives blend into one another and so it made sense to do this.

If you’re visiting here expecting to only read about business stuff, then prepare yourself for stories from my marathon training. Likewise, if you’ve come hear to read about my running exploits, then now and again you’re going to find posts about design, business, accounting and customer experience.

I’ll do my best to keep them all entertaining. There’s so much bad content out there, that I don’t need to be adding to the noise. I’ll endeavour to tell stories, to tell you about the wonderful people and organisations that I encounter on my travels.

I’m also going to start documenting the journey as we launch a new business in August.

I’ll keep it human, I promise.


6 thoughts on “Time for a refresh

  1. Sounds good Ali! Looking forward to reading about your business and other endeavors–and of course keeping up with your training as always. None of us are just one thing–i definitely enjoy reading about different aspects of people’s lives–I usually learn in a way that I don’t expect to!

      1. As usual I haven’t been on here in forever – but I saw obviously on Twitter you were down! I hope you had fantastic time down here and got some good runs in down south.

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