The simplicity of running

Another week ticked off. This plan is moving forward at a fair pace, before you know it I'll have done the damn marathon! After an easier week last week the volume has picked up, with the main session this week being the Yasso 800s, which I did in a monsoon!

We've been having crazy weather the past few weeks, – sunny and warm one minute, torrential rain the next, with thunderstorms thrown in for good measure! The forecast for my run on Thursday morning was light rain, with a risk of heavy rain in the second half. This was exactly what happened!

I found the Yasso 800s quite manageable, which had something to do with the decent recoveries between efforts, which were all on or around the 3:45 mark. Now, if that can translate to the big day, then I should be able to clock a time of around 3 hours 45. Time will tell.

The first 6 efforts were in light rain, more of a drizzle really, however the last three were in what could best be described as a tropical rainstorm! I was soaked to the skin, although I quite enjoyed running in the rain. It certainly didn't affect my times.

My other big achievement this week was to run 20 miles this morning. I got my fuelling right, which meant that I felt much more comfortable than last week. It's also given me the confidence that I now know I can do 26.2 miles. I have two more 20 mile runs on the plan, and I'm already looking forward to them.

On today's run I was thinking about the different sports I've done competitively over the past 30 years. I started out as a golfer – my dad was a good player and my brother, Niall, went on to become a golf professional. Then in around 2005-6 I started cycling and spent the best part of ten years racing. 2015 saw me switch to running, although in 2016 I drifted between the two – I still had unfinished business on the bike.

This year my focus has been solely on running and I'm seeing the benefits. The thing I like most about running, when compared to those other sports is that there's very little outside influence – how well I perform is down to me and my body. There's no £3000 machine or £1000 set of clubs to help me. In running there's no hiding place, no tech that will make you better. There's just you. I like that.

I've read a little about run-tech. There's now a power-meter that you can buy that will make training more scientific. We used power-meters when I raced the bike, I bought my first one back in 2010, and it really helped to make a difference to my race performance. I still have one on my race bike.

However I can't imagine a scenario where I'd want to use one for running. Over the years I've learned to listen to my body to the point that I can pretty much gauge the pace of a run by how my body feels. I do run with a Garmin, which gives me data on pace, distance, heart rate and cadence, but that's all the tech I need.

If I want to run faster, then I need to train harder. Simple.

Do you use any tech for your run training or analysis? How does it help you improve?

This week in numbers:

  • Miles run – 42.8
  • Time on my feet – 6:35:56
  • Number of times I got soaked – 2

4 thoughts on “The simplicity of running

  1. I admire all your running in the rain!! I’ll admit–I don’t do it! I can take a sprinkle but I never do real runs when it’s pouring–I hate it and always feel like I am going to slip and fall. If it rains on race day it’s gonna be tough!!
    Congrats on 20! I know I keep on congratulating you on each longer run but I think it’s so cool when it’s the most you’ve ever run in your life–such an achievement. My husband said the same thing last year when he ran his first 20–he said he knew after that that he could do it. I’m looking forward to that feeling! Great week Ali!! x

    1. I live in Scotland Cat, so rain is just a part of life living here! Plus I don’t have a treadmill near where I live, so I have to just suck it up and get out there. I always feel good afterwards 😊

  2. I so totally agree about running being simple and pure – it’s the absolute best thing about it. Like you I run with a Garmin but that’s it – and that’s more for distance than anything else. I love the freedom of running and I’d hate to tie it down to technology!

    I’m super interested in how the Yasso800s work out. I’ve heard so much about them but never used them, can’t wait to see how they go!

    1. I found the Yasso 800s quite comfortable – comfortably uncomfortable perhaps the best way to describe them! The last couple were harder, but that’s always the case. I have another set to do in a couple of weeks time – will let you know how those go

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