Not feeling it….

Today it happened. The first morning this year that I’ve woken up and not sprung out of bed at the thought of my run. Instead, I found myself reaching for my phone and before I knew it I was scrolling through Instagram.

Joanna’s away for a long weekend with our daughter Rebecca, so I’m home alone this weekend. Maybe that was why – I wouldn’t have done that if Jo was lying sleeping beside me.

Or maybe it’s the accumulated fatigue of this marathon training? We’re four weeks out from the race, the training is ramping up, and I’m pretty much permanently tired. I find myself increasingly thinking about the week after the race when I won’t need to get up to train.

However, an hour later than planned I hauled my ass out of bed and got out there. What a morning it was! Blue skies, warm (for Scotland) and a light breeze. Perfect running weather.

I quickly got into my rhythm and forgot about the funk I’d been in earlier. I did 5 miles at an easy pace of 9:20/mile, then followed that up with my usual Saturday form drills, before a set of core exercises back at the house. I felt great today.

Over breakfast I even started thinking about goals for 2018 – the type of races and training I’d like to do.

Do you ever get days like that? Where you’re just now feeling it? How do you deal with it?

10 thoughts on “Not feeling it….

  1. Days like this just happen. It’s unfortunate it happened during such an important week for your marathon training. Just gotta push through it, you’re almost at your taper. Good job getting out there!

    When I get days like this I line up a good podcast to listen to or put on some music, to make the run more of a fun thing and less of a chore. It’s often just your body telling you it needs a little break or some extra rest, fortunately the feeling doesn’t usually persist.

    1. Thanks Dave! Yeah, once I was out there with a good podcast on, I was fine, it was just getting out the door that was a struggle today! I’ve been resting pretty much all afternoon, feeling better 😊

  2. I have days like that too. My mornings are so routine that I go on auto pilot, and once I have started running then I am good to go. Sounds like it was just a more relaxed morning, but once you started your run you felt good which is a good sign. If I feel sluggish and running makes me feel more sluggish then I know I need some rest. Keep it up. You are almost there! : )

  3. At 5 a.m., I always have to drag myself out of bed. I’m not a morning person at all. But I know I’ll always feel so much better after the run. It’s just getting there!

  4. Happens to us all! The fact you got out says it all. When it happens to me, I go out with no plan other than to let my legs decide what they feel like doing and always have a great run and going further than I might have done otherwise

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