It’s about the journey, not the destination….

This morning’s long(ish) run saw week 15 of marathon training come to an end. This time next week (hopefully!) I’ll be able to say I’m a marathon runner.

Looking back, it feels like no time since I was making the decision to enter the Loch Ness Marathon instead of the Great Scottish Run (half marathon). A snap decision, that’s led me on a journey of discovery.

As I prepare mentally for next weekend, I know that I’ve done the training. I haven’t missed a single session, not even a strength or core workout. That discipline was always something I prided myself on during my bike racing career, and I’m glad that it’s continued as I’ve ventured off the bike.

I might not be the most physically gifted athlete, but you won’t find many that are more committed. I was always mentally tough on the bike – we’ll find out next weekend if that’s also transferred to my running.

Whilst I’m getting excited for the race, I’m not putting too much importance on the outcome. My goal is to finish and to enjoy the experience. 6 months ago I never imagined running a marathon, so I want to savour the day. I’m sure there will be ups & downs, I’ll be challenged physically & mentally, but I know that I’ve given myself every opportunity to do well.

I’ve also now got the next couple of blocks in my training calendar. I’ll be doing Greg McMillan’s marathon recovery plan to help my body recover and ease back into running again. Then I’ve got an 8 week base training block that will take me through to mid-December.

That might seem crazy to you, but to me it’s one of my ways of dealing with race day – It’s never been about the destination, it’s all about the journey.

This week in numbers:

Miles run – 31.5 (about 1/3 less than usual – definitely taper time!)

Time on my feet – 4:39:43

19 thoughts on “It’s about the journey, not the destination….

      1. If I am in a really tough spot, I use ‘Just keep running’ because it is all I can will myself to think at that moment. I also use ‘feeling good feeling great’ (taken from my kids martial arts class. Let’s see… ‘I’ve got this’. ‘Let’s go’. Those are the main ones and they are simple enough to remember during the race. : )

      2. Just found the comment I left on Cat’s post where you commented ‘stealing those for my 22 miler’. ‘I am strong. I’ve got this’ and the martial arts mantra were the two I mentioned! : )

  1. Long journey for a long run: all the best on the day, you know you’ve put in the effort and discipline, all that remains is to adapt to whatever the conditions might be on the day and enjoy it. It’s 26.2 on the day but as you said, the culmination of the journey is far more than that!

  2. Ali is the marathon on Saturday or Sunday? I have to know exactly when to be sending you my good juju!! Ah man, I’m just so excited–you’ve worked so hard. I know it’s not about the destination but I think you’re still going to arrive at something pretty special next weekend. Can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  3. I’m looking forward to standing on the start line with you next week! Think about how you want the marathon to be, how you want your run to feel like, how you want those last 50-100m to be then go make it happen πŸ™‚

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