Getting on with it

As some of you know, I’m a member of the McMillan Run Team, which means I get my training plans from them and have access to coach Greg McMillan. Greg’s one of the best know running coaches in the world, and I’ve learned a huge amount from him in the past few months.

It’s now 7 weeks since I became a marathoner. I’ve been pretty quiet on here since. There’s only so much you can write about the recovery process, however I’ve been following Greg’s advice and slowly allowing my body to recover from the stress of the marathon.

For the first four weeks I followed Greg’s Marathon Recovery Plan. That was a great way to help me ease back into running and by the end of the plan I was feeling recovered and ready to move on.

Next, Greg suggested I do a base training plan – an 8 week program made up mainly of easy runs & long runs that will build a strong aerobic base for the training that follows. As Greg says, we need to do the training to do the training to do the training. Alongside the base work, I’m also doing core strength work three times a week and already I can feel the benefit.

Week two of the plan coincided with us jetting off to Lanzarote for a late autumn week in the sun. Rebecca flew in from London to join us, and as she’s training for a half marathon in March, we agreed to get some runs in. What a difference it made to run in 20c and sunshine!

Bex ran four days, I ended up running every day. The toughest run was my long run last Saturday, 11 miles in the morning sunshine. By the time I reached mile 10 the temperature was well into the 20s and I was struggling with the heat – we’re not used to that in Scotland!

Sunday was supposed to be a rest day, but having looked at the forecast for when we got home I decided to do an easy 5 miles on the Sunday morning – it’s going to be a long, cold & dark winter, so I was keen for one last run in the sun.

This week coming is a recovery week, then we start to add some steady state & leg speed workouts. I’m looking forward to increasing the pace and testing myself a little.

Back in 2015 I did a full season of running but then got back on the bike at Christmas, so I’ve never had the benefit of a winter of training to take into a race season. I’m really excited to do that properly this time around.

6 thoughts on “Getting on with it

  1. I would definitely do the same in terms of getting in some good weather mileage. Great to hear that the post-Marathon period is continuing smoothly.

    It’s probably not quite the same intensity of long, cold, dark winter in Scotland, but it’s getting rather grim down here in Wales. Lots of long, slow training runs (most recently a 13.1 this morning) for the next few months!

  2. My coach told me something similar. ‘Miles on top of miles on top or miles.’ He also said the base training is the most important part. Sounds like your coach knows what he is talking about! : )

    1. That’s good to hear! I do miss the race-specific workouts, but it won’t be long until there are a few of those in the plan. It was the same when I was a bike racer – November to January was all base work.

  3. Glad to read this Ali, trying to figure out exactly what to do for the rest of this year and into January. Wanting to keep a similar schedule as training but probably with some lighter mileage. Definitely going to look into having a more definitive plan though, i think i respond well to the discipline!
    Glad to know you guys had such a great time in Lanzarote–so amazing that you get to have running in common with Bex, that’s so fun. Lanzarote sounds interesting–I had never heard of it before. Researching our big trip next year so I think i am going to be reaching out to everyone for ideas. A trip including Scotland is at the top of the running right now!!

    1. Aw Cat, you’d love Scotland! It would be amazing to meet you both and show you around. Lanzarote is pretty amazing too – it’s a volcanic island, so the scenery is spectacular. Enjoy the easy runs 🙂

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