A quick running update

I’m halfway through the base training plan – 4 more weeks to go.

My body feels fully recovered from the marathon now. In my runs on Thursday and the long run yesterday, I’ve written in my training log that it felt ‘effortless’, and yet I’m doing these easy runs almost one minute per mile faster than I was back in March when I started running again.

This next block of training will continue the long steady runs, but with a sprinkling of faster workouts beginning on Thursday with a steady state (just below threshold) effort. I’m excited and looking forward to it.

I’ll also be ramping up the core strength work over the next 4 weeks before I move onto the next block of training, which will focus on hills and building strength.

This is my first winter of proper running training and I’m excited to see what difference it makes once I start racing in the Spring.

What do you do for training over the winter? Do you have challenges with the weather? Let me know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “A quick running update

  1. Do you do total body strength training Ali or just your core? So curious what your work workouts are. I do a few exercises and also try to focus on my core in other strength training and in yoga but I always feel like it would be great if I could focus on it even more.

    1. Hey Cat! It varies. My coach provides strength programmes along with my training plans. At the moment, during the base phase, it’s just core. As we progress it will transition to strength work, probably early in the new year. I like the fact that he provides the plans – it’s one less thing for me to think about! 😊💪🏻

  2. In the winter, I usually quit going to the track and start running more often on a treadmill. The TM gets boring, but I do appreciate that it holds me to a pace. Long runs are still outside. I just bundle up.

  3. My first half for 2018 will be at the beginning of March, so it forces me to do some kind of running through the winter. I’ll be working on my base in December as well… once RNR San Antonio is completed next weekend, ☺

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