Training Update

I’ve not blogged much lately, at least not on here. Business has been busy and I’ve been working on building a solid base for a full season of racing. There’s not been a great deal to say to be honest!

Today was the last day of my stamina training phase, and it’s been the toughest week since the marathon back in September. That was mainly down to Thursday’s session, which consisted of 5 x 2000m of tempo intervals. I was doing these at a pace of just under 7:20/mile, and on the track at Aberdeen Sports Village.

The hardest thing about a session like this on the track is the sheer repetition. Each interval was 5 laps of the track. The night before I’d been at the University of Dundee to hear a talk by round-the world cyclist Mark Beaumont, who told the story of his epic world record where he cycled round the world in 80 days back in 2017. To do this, Mark would have to cycle an average of 240 miles a day, and he told us how he broke each day down into 4 hour segments.

So on Thursday evening I channelled Mark’s advice, and broke each interval into 5 laps, just focusing on the current lap and not thinking any further ahead. I’d been slightly nervous about this workout, but before I knew it I’d done 2 intervals, then 3. Once you’ve done 3, you know you’ll manage 4 & 5, and so it turned out. I finished off with 3 x 200m strides, then a cool down, making a total of 11.5 miles on the track. This was a beast of a session!

The winter has progressed steadily without any major issues. I did a base period of 8 weeks, followed by 6 weeks of hills and then the stamina phase. Now it’s time to turn my attention to a race specific plan, and for the Spring this year my focus is going to be on 5k & 10k races. I’m hoping to nudge below 21 minutes for the 5k and 43 for the 10km. Time will tell.

My first race is next Sunday, a 5km race in Edinburgh’s Meadows, where I’ll be racing in my new Brooks Hyperion racing flats for the first time. I don’t have any expectations for this race, it’s more about just getting back into the rhythm of racing. Next up after that is the Garioch 10k on 25th March, the place where I set my current 10k PB back in 2015. The race is held in the town of Inverurie where we lived for almost 10 years, so it’s always nice to go back. It’s a new course this year, but I’ll be confident of dipping under my old PB.

That’s about it for now.

How’s your training going? Any races in the next few weeks?

4 thoughts on “Training Update

  1. Alasdair, good to hear things are going well! It must be nice to change it up and have the focus shift to the 5K and 10K after the marathon last year.

    With London less than two months out, I’m very much in the thick of things. I had a half marathon the weekend before last (PB and snuck just under 1:30), and two more halves in March. That’ll be my final events before London. Mileage has increased steadily and have added a lunch run in once a week which is contributing nicely. The cold weather is lingering and is making it difficult to get dress/layering right, but I’m hoping we pass into the milder temperatures by the time late March comes.

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