A (belated) running update

I’ve not written much about my running since completing the Loch Ness marathon back in September 2017.

However, I’ve trained consistently since then and have a big year ahead in 2019. I plan to share the journey to my second marathon, which I’ll run in Frankfurt at the end of October.

I had a bit of a stop-start relationship with running over the past few years. Started running seriously in 2015, but got back on the bike the following year. I switched back to running again in March 2017, a few weeks before we flew out to Girona, and have been running ever since (not literally obvs).

2018 was a frustrating year. I tried working with a London-based coach, but despite him being a lovely bloke, it wasn’t working, so I went back to my old online coach, Greg McMillan at the end of the season. My times didn’t improve significantly – there were no PBs in 2018 – and then just as I was getting ready for the second half of the season, I managed to twist my ankle at the end of July. I knew right away that it was a bad one, and it took the best part of 6 weeks to recover, which meant I missed the races in Aberdeen and Glasgow that had been my focus.

We flew out to Nice for a week in October, and out there I finally got some good training done. It’s been a steady build up since then. I’ve done blocks of hill training and then speed work, and I’m now transitioning into a half-marathon plan, which will take me through to the goal race in May. I’ve still to decide which one.

I decided to invest in a treadmill at Christmas, and this week it’s started to pay for itself. Winter arrived, with a little snow, frost & ice, which made it difficult to run outside. No worries, I’ll get on the treadmill!

Tuesday was 6 x 3 minutes, whilst watching the 2018 Boston Marathon on the iPad; Wednesday was an easy hour, watching the Breaking 2 documentary; Thursday a 70 minute progression run watching the second half of Boston, finishing just as Des and then Yuki crossed the line.

I plan to capture my running journey in this, my 50th year. I’ll try to write weekly, journal my thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Here’s to 2019!

3 thoughts on “A (belated) running update

  1. Looking forward to follow your journey! It’s great to run on treadmills during winters, saves you from a lot of time catching cold 😂

    What do you think about the Breaking 2 documentary? I guess it’s one of the bests I’ve seen.

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