Hey Coach!

Big changes on the running front this week – I have a new coach! Say hi to Steve Bonthrone.

Throughout my sporting life, I’ve always had a coach. Someone to guide me through the sport. To help me get better. To teach me.

I’ve been running for 4 years now (although I skipped 2016 for one more year on the bike!) and during that time I’ve self-coached from a book, worked with an online coach in London, then in 2018 I used the online programme of a respected coach in the US.

What I’ve missed has been the 1-2-1 interaction. Having someone who knows me. Who I can chat to about what’s happening in my running.

Steve & I were at an event in January, and spoke briefly. I then followed up with a message on Instagram. We arranged to meet at his studio in Perth on Monday evening.

It was a cold evening, as we jogged from Steve’s studio along to the nearby car park at SSE. It was well lit there and Steve wanted to film my running form. No-one has done that for me before. I mean, it’s only running – how technical can that be?!?

Turns out that it can be quite technical! At CMA Kick-off (the event in January) Steve had noticed some issues with my posture. He highlighted those in my running form, and we started to work on some drills, running up & down the car park.

We must have looked like a couple of nutters to the folks coming out of their offices to their cars, but I could feel the difference. It felt odd, but it was working.

We jogged back to the studio and Steve then went over some exercises he wanted me to do to improve my mobility in both the hip flexors and my back. I need to do these a couple of times a day.

Steve asked about target races, and we spoke about the structure of my training. I’ve been doing 6 days of running a week with McMillan. Under Steve, we’re going to take out the Friday and replace that with the exercises and some floor work.

The other big change is on the weekends. Historically, Saturday has always been an easy run with some form drills, then an easy paced long run on a Sunday.

From now on, Saturday’s going to be a fast-paced 5k – I did Parkrun yesterday – then Sunday’s will still be a long run, but with some fast miles thrown in.

I’m excited to start this new chapter. I like change, and having known Steve for most of my life, I’m going to be working with someone I trust and who knows me well.

Bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Hey Coach!

  1. I’m beyond wondering if people think I’m a nutter. I fully expect it! Ha ha! Good post! I’m really excited about working with you and the progress I think we can make to your running 🙂

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