About me

Hi, I’m Alasdair, thanks for visiting my website.

​I’m not a man to sit about – both figuratively and literally. In my working life and as a competitive runner, I believe in living life to the max – whether it’s mind mapping an idea that’s come to me in the wee small hours or spending over 10 hours a week training. But my passion for what I do means neither feels like hard work.

​I have a brain that’s always busy, and love thinking of creative ways to be disruptive – always asking, “Why does it have to be that way?” – with the ultimate aim of giving the customer a better experience.

​As a result, my businesses reflect many of my values and beliefs: they don’t conform to industry stereotypes, instead taking a modern approach that breaks boundaries and creates a positive, dynamic and fun environment for clients and staff alike.

Many of you will know me better as Ali and I’m going to let you into a little secret. Until around seven years ago I had always been Alasdair. Then twitter came along, I got involved, and I found that people really struggled to spell my name. Messages that were meant for me went to someone else, or just disappeared into the ether. I tried different things to get people to spell it right, but to no avail. And so Ali was born.

Ever since then I’ve been @ali_mcgill on twitter and 50,000 tweets later it’s kind of stuck. To people that I’ve got to know through twitter, I’m Ali. To my cycling & running friends I’m Ali too – it’s easier to shout Ali than Alasdair in a peloton barrelling down the road at 30mph. And so I think of Ali as one of those marginal gains that Team Sky use so well – it’s more efficient, easier to use, takes less energy.

So hi, I’m Ali!

This is my personal blog where I write about stuff that matters to me.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Alasdair (Ali)

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. I have tried emailing you some details via the Central website regarding your requirement for an illustrator, but unfortunately the system administrator keeps rejecting your address

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