The Vlog is coming!

Thanks to everyone who commented and replied to my post on Friday about whether this blog should remain in this format or move to video. The answer was a resounding vote to keep the status quo. It's great to know that I have breakfast with many of you, so I will endeavour to keep writing … Continue reading The Vlog is coming!

The power of storytelling

I went for a pint the other night with my fellow Inchture resident Kev Anderson. Kev is the founder of The Story Edge, where he specialises in helping people tell their stories. He's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet (despite being a Dundee fan!). Over a couple of bottles of Sam … Continue reading The power of storytelling

Earn the right to ask for our business

Every day we get interrupted. People we don't know email or call us asking us to buy something from them. They even do it on LinkedIn messaging now! It pisses me off. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with people selling, but these guys haven't done their homework. They know nothing about … Continue reading Earn the right to ask for our business

We need to complain more!

We're not very good at complaining in the UK. It takes a lot for us Brits to get annoyed and make a fuss. But that's not helping anyone. Let me tell you why. Quite simply, if we don't complain when we're not happy, things will never improve. But we don't do it. I make my living from … Continue reading We need to complain more!

Why should you attend a marketing conference?

This summer I'm going to be speaking at TCMA 2016, the UK's leading content marketing conference. Over two days at the beginning of June, it's an opportunity to learn from some of the world's leading thinkers and practitioners in the content marketing space. Many people reading this post will be wondering exactly what content marketing … Continue reading Why should you attend a marketing conference?

The Importance of Customer Experience to Content Marketers

Content marketing is a big part of our strategy at Ashton McGill and we're always excited to share our new content, helping to share the benefits of customer experience, answering your questions and generally adding value. A couple of months ago we joined Chris Marr's Content Marketing Masterclass, a fantastic community where we learn about … Continue reading The Importance of Customer Experience to Content Marketers