Do something creative

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people commute to work in large offices, then spend all day sat at a screen. When I think back to 1987, when I left school and started working, that wasn't even a 'thing'! For many people, this work is repetitive, following systems and processes, or a software system that … Continue reading Do something creative

Standing out from the crowd

Last night I spoke to students at Aberdeen University about Sales. I was given total flexibility about content, so I decided to speak to them about how to sell themselves in a crowded job market. Let me give you some context. Depending on which publications you read, the average graduate job will have between 60 … Continue reading Standing out from the crowd

The Vlog is coming!

Thanks to everyone who commented and replied to my post on Friday about whether this blog should remain in this format or move to video. The answer was a resounding vote to keep the status quo. It's great to know that I have breakfast with many of you, so I will endeavour to keep writing … Continue reading The Vlog is coming!

Should this blog move to video?

Good morning campers! That's 10 weeks of daily blogs complete today. I'm quite pleased with that, and I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who's read, shared and commented - it means a lot to me. Last night I joined Chris Marr's webinar with the amazing Marcus Sheridan. I was lucky enough … Continue reading Should this blog move to video?

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that opportunities are all around us if we're prepared to look for them. Today I want to put a little meat on the bones for you with some examples. I'm going to tell you three stories over the next week of people who've done just this - made the … Continue reading Making the ordinary extraordinary

The power of storytelling

I went for a pint the other night with my fellow Inchture resident Kev Anderson. Kev is the founder of The Story Edge, where he specialises in helping people tell their stories. He's also one of the nicest people you will ever meet (despite being a Dundee fan!). Over a couple of bottles of Sam … Continue reading The power of storytelling

Spend time with people who aren’t like you

I've taken a couple of days off from writing. It didn't seem right to be posting on the morning of 9th November, as the world was coming to terms with the result of the US Presidential Election. My little post would have been totally out of place, so I pulled it. I've been thinking a … Continue reading Spend time with people who aren’t like you

Why I write a daily journal

I wrote about my morning routine recently. A few people spoke to me about my daily journal. It's something I started doing in December last year. I'd journaled on and off for several years, but without any real structure. Then I came across a post by Michael Hyatt, which inspired me to write daily and … Continue reading Why I write a daily journal