Daily CX Review – McMillan Running

Okay. This is a new idea that I wanted to try out. Every day, the average person interacts with around a dozen services. Many of them are terrible experiences. I work with organisations to help them design better customer & user experiences. So I've decided to do a daily blog review of one of the experiences … Continue reading Daily CX Review – McMillan Running

Dogs & Love Hearts – the Barnett Formula

One of the things I do is run workshops on Customer Experience. We do an exercise where I get participants to tell stories about good & bad experiences they've had. Over the past few months one name has come up again and again when it comes to good experiences - Barnetts Motor Group. Barnetts are … Continue reading Dogs & Love Hearts – the Barnett Formula

Edinburgh’s Trams are not a good User Experience!

We went to Edinburgh yesterday. When we go at the weekend, we tend to make use of the park & ride at Ingliston and take the Tram in to the City Centre. It saves paying a ridiculous amount for parking, and it's a lot less stressful. Over the past couple of years I've observed the … Continue reading Edinburgh’s Trams are not a good User Experience!

6 hours on a train for a 90 minute meeting

Yesterday I took the train to Newcastle for a meeting. We'd been introduced after I spoke at an event in the City back in November, and had a great Skype call before Christmas. The next logical thing to do was meet face to face, so we could have a more in-depth conversation. It was also … Continue reading 6 hours on a train for a 90 minute meeting

Gallery 48 delivers yet again

It was the autumn of 2015, when Mackie invited Mike Press, myself and Taylor Stillie for lunch in the D'Arcy Thomson to talk about a new venture he was working on. I still worked at the University at the time, Mike was still Head of Design Policy at DJCAD, and Taylor was the SIE intern. … Continue reading Gallery 48 delivers yet again

Going the extra mile

Yesterday afternoon I ran a customer experience workshop. In the second segment we broke the Customer Journey down into four phases - before, beginning, during & after, and looked in detail at what happens at each stage. Most businesses focus on the sale and then getting the service delivered, then move on to the next … Continue reading Going the extra mile

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that opportunities are all around us if we're prepared to look for them. Today I want to put a little meat on the bones for you with some examples. I'm going to tell you three stories over the next week of people who've done just this - made the … Continue reading Making the ordinary extraordinary

Opportunities all around us

We live in a time when it seems that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. It's sexy to be running a startup, working on the next great App. Putting a dent in the world as Steve Jobs so eloquently put it, when he snared John Scully from Pepsi all those years ago. However, the majority … Continue reading Opportunities all around us

How to make the most of your exhibition stand

I've spoken at Expo events a couple of times in the past month. Once in Glasgow and yesterday in Newcastle. I've noticed a theme when I walk round these shows. People have paid good money for their stands, and rightly want to get a return on that investment. That typically means having conversations with attendees, … Continue reading How to make the most of your exhibition stand

What makes an experience a good one?

Earlier this week I spoke at an event in Glasgow about how to build customer loyalty. As usual, we talked about good and bad experiences. The audience were quick to share bad experiences they'd had. It was the usual mix of banks, mobile phone providers and utility companies. These days people can rattle off bad experiences pretty … Continue reading What makes an experience a good one?