Daily(ish) CX Review – La Fabrica, Girona, Spain

Thursday 27th April 2017 Business - La Fabrica Coffee Works & Cycle Cafe Service - Coffee & food What they did well - In a word, everything! La Fabrica is a coffee shop (but it's SO much more than that!) in Girona, Spain. It's the brainchild of former professional cyclist Christian Meier and his wife Amber, an enclave for the many English-speaking … Continue reading Daily(ish) CX Review – La Fabrica, Girona, Spain

Who’s in your corner?

It's been an interesting few days and I've been reflecting on their relevance to what we do in business. Let me explain. On Saturday evening, I attended the University of Dundee's Christmas Lecture. This year's speaker was Dr Niall Elliot, Chief Medical Officer to Team GB at the last couple of Olympic Games and Head … Continue reading Who’s in your corner?