Daily(ish) CX Review – La Fabrica, Girona, Spain

Thursday 27th April 2017 Business - La Fabrica Coffee Works & Cycle Cafe Service - Coffee & food What they did well - In a word, everything! La Fabrica is a coffee shop (but it's SO much more than that!) in Girona, Spain. It's the brainchild of former professional cyclist Christian Meier and his wife Amber, an enclave for the many English-speaking … Continue reading Daily(ish) CX Review – La Fabrica, Girona, Spain

Daily CX Review – Run4It, Dundee

Wednesday 18th April 2017 Business - Run4It, Dundee Service - Buying clothing What they did well - It's been so cold in the mornings lately. I needed to buy a new long-sleeved running jersey as I've got a few thermal tops, but only a couple that will do when the temperature is in the low single digits. For several … Continue reading Daily CX Review – Run4It, Dundee

Daily CX Review – Starbucks, Dundee

Tuesday 18th April 2017 Business - Starbucks, Overgate Centre, Dundee Service - Coffee & muffin (it was skinny, don't judge me!) What they did well - The staff are always friendly here. I visit quite often when I'm in town, so a few of them know me and will smile and say hi. Little, personal, … Continue reading Daily CX Review – Starbucks, Dundee

Daily CX Review – McMillan Running

Okay. This is a new idea that I wanted to try out. Every day, the average person interacts with around a dozen services. Many of them are terrible experiences. I work with organisations to help them design better customer & user experiences. So I've decided to do a daily blog review of one of the experiences … Continue reading Daily CX Review – McMillan Running