Believe in Better

On Saturday evening we went to hear my good friend Lauren Currie speak at the University of Dundee. Lauren is one of the people who've inspired me on my journey in the world of design over the last decade, so it's always a delight to see her. When she introduces herself on stage she'll typically … Continue reading Believe in Better

Gallery 48 delivers yet again

It was the autumn of 2015, when Mackie invited Mike Press, myself and Taylor Stillie for lunch in the D'Arcy Thomson to talk about a new venture he was working on. I still worked at the University at the time, Mike was still Head of Design Policy at DJCAD, and Taylor was the SIE intern. … Continue reading Gallery 48 delivers yet again

How we use space at The Circle

Yesterday afternoon I spent a fascinating couple of hours at The Circle talking about how we use the space. DJCAD Interior & Environmental Design student, Jenna Cook, is using The Circle as her final year project. Ten of the tenants got together for a workshop with Jenna. I'm always impressed by design students - they … Continue reading How we use space at The Circle

It’s launch day at The Circle!

If you've been reading my posts and tweets recently, then you'll have heard me talking about The Circle, our new community hub and co-work space in Dundee. Today is our official launch! The Circle is the brainchild of Kirsty Thomson, and she's looking forward to kick-starting a new era for the former Claverhouse Group building. "The generosity of organisations … Continue reading It’s launch day at The Circle!