Winter Workshop Dates

We've just announced dates for our Winter Workshop series. There's something for everyone, with special pricing for Charities & Social Enterprises and some FREE student places. You can find details on each Workshop here: 17th November, Better By Design - How we can use design to transform our organisations 1st December, An Introduction to Customer … Continue reading Winter Workshop Dates

How much has the community benefited from Dundee’s transformation?

I was out on my cyclocross bike this afternoon and decided to head up to Caird Park to see if I could find the old 'cross course from a few years ago. My route took me up through Camperdown (some good trails by the way!) and from there through the Dryburgh Industrial Estate. It was … Continue reading How much has the community benefited from Dundee’s transformation?

Further thoughts on Perth vs Dundee

Aberdeen & Dundee are both university cities, with strong Art & Design schools. Something that Perth doesn't have. These institutions stimulate and challenge not only the students but also the inhabitants of the city. And because of the academic leadership and research that goes on, the city benefits as a result. A non- university city … Continue reading Further thoughts on Perth vs Dundee

A Fair City?

We left Perth and moved to Aberdeenshire in 2004. It seems like a lifetime ago. Back then, Perth was a prosperous market town and the locals tended to look down on it's city neighbour along the Tay. How times have changed. Many of the locals still look down on Dundee, but living as we do … Continue reading A Fair City?