Believe in Better

On Saturday evening we went to hear my good friend Lauren Currie speak at the University of Dundee. Lauren is one of the people who've inspired me on my journey in the world of design over the last decade, so it's always a delight to see her. When she introduces herself on stage she'll typically … Continue reading Believe in Better

Mind your language!

Recently I had the opportunity to spend a day working with two of the world's best designers. It was an inspirational day, learning from people at the very top of their profession. In sport it would be like being able to spend a day training with Lionel Messi or Eliud Kipchoge (one for the runners!). … Continue reading Mind your language!

Making the ordinary extraordinary

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that opportunities are all around us if we're prepared to look for them. Today I want to put a little meat on the bones for you with some examples. I'm going to tell you three stories over the next week of people who've done just this - made the … Continue reading Making the ordinary extraordinary

Opportunities all around us

We live in a time when it seems that everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. It's sexy to be running a startup, working on the next great App. Putting a dent in the world as Steve Jobs so eloquently put it, when he snared John Scully from Pepsi all those years ago. However, the majority … Continue reading Opportunities all around us

How do you introduce yourself?

You know the scene - you're at a networking event or maybe at a Christmas party at the neighbours, and someone asks you what you do. Many people give a simple answer, if that's possible these days - I'm a teacher / lawyer / accountant / nurse. It's not the kind of answer that makes … Continue reading How do you introduce yourself?

When a community comes together…

On Saturday I was part of something quite special. A community came together to help breath life back into an old building. As you may know, my office is based at The Circle in Dundee. The Circle is a Community Interest Company (CIC), setup by Kirsty Thomson to turn the old Claverhouse training centre into … Continue reading When a community comes together…