The perils of pacing….

It's been another solid training week. We decided to go to Edinburgh today to take in the Festival, so I switched my weekend sessions and did my long run yesterday, and the easy run today.The plan for my long run was 18-22 miles, and with the marathon only five weeks away now I decided to … Continue reading The perils of pacing….

Learning to embrace the suck

The alarm violently wakes me from my slumber. It's 4.51am on a damp August morning.Groggily, I reach over and switch the damn thing off - I don't want to wake Joanna. It's still dark outside as I clamber out of bed and make my way through to the spare room, where I've laid out my … Continue reading Learning to embrace the suck

Respecting the Plan

I can't believe how quickly the weeks are passing. As I write this, it's only six weeks until my marathon debut. How did that happen? Training this week has been good, on the whole. Around about now, my plan transitions from the speed work we've done the past 4 weeks or so, to more stamina … Continue reading Respecting the Plan

The simplicity of running

Another week ticked off. This plan is moving forward at a fair pace, before you know it I'll have done the damn marathon! After an easier week last week the volume has picked up, with the main session this week being the Yasso 800s, which I did in a monsoon!We've been having crazy weather the … Continue reading The simplicity of running