Loch Ness Marathon – Race Report

A year earlier than I’d originally planned, yesterday I toe’d the line in my first marathon. I’d heard great things about the Loch Ness Marathon, and Inverness is a lovely town, so where better to start my marathon journey? My training had been consistent - I’d done every workout on the plan, every gym session, … Continue reading Loch Ness Marathon – Race Report

2 weeks to go

This has been a good training week. Not spectacular, just solid, grinding out the workouts. Hard to believe this is the end of week 14 of my marathon training. It struck me yesterday that today's long run would be the last time I'd do this kind of volume for a while - I'm going to … Continue reading 2 weeks to go

Time for a refresh

As you may have noticed, I've been playing around with different themes the past few weeks. I've also been consolidating a couple of websites I own into this one. Previously I'd had a 'business-focused' site at http://www.alasdairmcgill.com, and a separate 'personal' blog, where I mainly wrote about running & cycling. However, like many people, my … Continue reading Time for a refresh

Why Marketers NEED to become design thinkers

I was driving home tonight listening to the Marketing Companion Podcast with Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster and all of a sudden it hit me square between the eyes. If you want to be a successful marketer in 2016 and beyond then you NEED to get good at design thinking.  Really? Has he truly lost … Continue reading Why Marketers NEED to become design thinkers

Uber will change the taxi experience

Yesterday I used Uber (twice) for the first time. It was kind of exciting, having heard so much about the brand that is now worth billions of dollars, yet owns nothing other than a platform. However, what Uber does really well is make getting a taxi easy. I'd go as far as to say it … Continue reading Uber will change the taxi experience