Do something creative

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people commute to work in large offices, then spend all day sat at a screen. When I think back to 1987, when I left school and started working, that wasn't even a 'thing'! For many people, this work is repetitive, following systems and processes, or a software system that … Continue reading Do something creative

How do we be more creative?

I wrote recently about Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED Talk ‘Are schools killing creativity?’. One of the stats I shared in that post was about how rapidly we lose our ability to think creatively. At age 3-5, 98% of children can think creatively, however by age 20-25 that number is only 2%. Just think about … Continue reading How do we be more creative?

Are schools killing creativity?

It's the most watched TED Talk of all time, with almost 36 million views. In 2006, Sir Ken Robinson took to the TED stage and gave an entertaining and impassioned case for creating an education system that nurtures, rather than undermines, creativity. Sadly, a decade on, not much has changed. Indeed, if anything, it's gotten … Continue reading Are schools killing creativity?