Believe in Better

On Saturday evening we went to hear my good friend Lauren Currie speak at the University of Dundee. Lauren is one of the people who've inspired me on my journey in the world of design over the last decade, so it's always a delight to see her. When she introduces herself on stage she'll typically … Continue reading Believe in Better

Where Apex Hotels are going wrong

This blog is in danger of turning into the Hotel Inspector! That's not the plan, it's just that lately I've been spending a lot of time in hotels and, well, there are just so many things that you observe when you're there! In the last couple of weeks I've stayed in both Park Inn (you … Continue reading Where Apex Hotels are going wrong

A good hotel experience is about more than just how it looks!

This week I found myself in Aberdeen, the Oil & Gas Capital of Europe. Once upon a time, getting a hotel room up there was near-on impossible and if you could find a room, you'd be paying through the nose for it.   However as you may know, Aberdeen has fallen on hard times. With … Continue reading A good hotel experience is about more than just how it looks!

We need to complain more!

We're not very good at complaining in the UK. It takes a lot for us Brits to get annoyed and make a fuss. But that's not helping anyone. Let me tell you why. Quite simply, if we don't complain when we're not happy, things will never improve. But we don't do it. I make my living from … Continue reading We need to complain more!

Upping the pace

It's been an incredibly busy few weeks, and officially leaving my role at the University at the end of February has meant an even stronger focus on doing the One Thing that will move this business forward. This week I'm delivering 4 workshops. Crazy! Three of those are on customer experience, it seems that this … Continue reading Upping the pace

What’s happening?

It's been a little while since I posted here, but I've been busy creating content elsewhere. Over on the Ashton McGill blog we've been writing about customer experience a LOT, and getting some great feedback. It's led to some new clients and speaking opportunities, which is awesome.  I've also been exploring new channels, and along … Continue reading What’s happening?

The Importance of Customer Experience to Content Marketers

Content marketing is a big part of our strategy at Ashton McGill and we're always excited to share our new content, helping to share the benefits of customer experience, answering your questions and generally adding value. A couple of months ago we joined Chris Marr's Content Marketing Masterclass, a fantastic community where we learn about … Continue reading The Importance of Customer Experience to Content Marketers

Uber will change the taxi experience

Yesterday I used Uber (twice) for the first time. It was kind of exciting, having heard so much about the brand that is now worth billions of dollars, yet owns nothing other than a platform. However, what Uber does really well is make getting a taxi easy. I'd go as far as to say it … Continue reading Uber will change the taxi experience

New Beginnings

For almost two years now I've been working on a variety of interesting projects through my own company.  During that time I’ve helped launch two innovative startup businesses and have led a large Service Design project, helping to completely redesign the way that a service was delivered, leading to a much better customer experience that built … Continue reading New Beginnings