Hello, my name is Alasdair

I was born on 18th March, 1969 (yes, I'll be 50 in a few months time). My parents christened me Alasdair Iain McGill, and for 40 of the years I've been on this planet, people have known me as Alasdair. Then social media happened. I joined Twitter in 2008, and after a few months of … Continue reading Hello, my name is Alasdair

Uber will change the taxi experience

Yesterday I used Uber (twice) for the first time. It was kind of exciting, having heard so much about the brand that is now worth billions of dollars, yet owns nothing other than a platform. However, what Uber does really well is make getting a taxi easy. I'd go as far as to say it … Continue reading Uber will change the taxi experience

That Was The Week That Was

It's been an interesting week. In no particular order I've - launched a new business aimed at disrupting a traditional sector; spent a fascinating day in a marketing / branding workshop; moved forward an idea with the potential to disrupt the golf industry; ridden 120km on the Classico; met some cool people; and been humbled … Continue reading That Was The Week That Was