Re-thinking Golf Coaching

As readers of my blog will know, I used to play golf at a pretty decent level. Back then, I had a Coach, but that was rare for an amateur golfer. Not much has changed in the 13 years since then.  When I started bike racing, pretty quickly I found a coach who could guide […]

Rolling the rock….

I spoke in my last post about the importance of putting in the game of golf. For someone like me, shooting 70-75, 40% of all shots I hit in a round of golf will be with the flat stick. How many of us have ever had a putting lesson, or had a putter fitted? Yet […]


It’s been a little while since I’ve updated the blog, it’s been a busy start on all fronts to 2013! On the golf front things are coming together nicely. I’ve been working hard on my swing with monthly coaching from Niall. I’m loving Flightscope, being a bit of a data geek – you can clearly […]

It’s always been done this way…..

It’s now a decade since I last played competitive golf. I’d grown up playing the game, my dad was the club captain, and my brother, Niall, became a professional golfer. On his day Niall could be as good as anyone. However, I started taking the game too seriously – as many low handicap guys do […]

Practice Plans

When you practice golf, do you do it with a plan? Or do you just go to the range and whack balls. The majority of people in the UK fit into the latter category. They think they’re practising, but they’re not, they’re just beating balls. Nothing wrong with that, as range owners we love it! […]