Do something creative

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people commute to work in large offices, then spend all day sat at a screen. When I think back to 1987, when I left school and started working, that wasn't even a 'thing'! For many people, this work is repetitive, following systems and processes, or a software system that … Continue reading Do something creative

Innovations we take for granted

My mum joined us for dinner on New Year's Day. As we were having a cheeky aperitif, we were talking about shopping - it's thrill a minute in the McGill house! My mum's not so good on her feet these days, so rather than getting the bus into Perth, traipsing around the supermarket, bagging up … Continue reading Innovations we take for granted

How do we be more creative?

I wrote recently about Sir Ken Robinson’s famous TED Talk ‘Are schools killing creativity?’. One of the stats I shared in that post was about how rapidly we lose our ability to think creatively. At age 3-5, 98% of children can think creatively, however by age 20-25 that number is only 2%. Just think about … Continue reading How do we be more creative?

That Was The Week That Was

It's been an interesting week. In no particular order I've - launched a new business aimed at disrupting a traditional sector; spent a fascinating day in a marketing / branding workshop; moved forward an idea with the potential to disrupt the golf industry; ridden 120km on the Classico; met some cool people; and been humbled … Continue reading That Was The Week That Was