Perth in Numbers

From wikipedia - no commentary on these tonight, that will come laterPopulation 45,000 (2008 census)3.06% foreign-born (3.35% Scotland average)8.16% over 75 yrs old (7.09% Scotland average)Compared with the average demography of Scotland, Perth has low proportions of people born outside the European Union, but has both higher proportions born within the European Union and those … Continue reading Perth in Numbers

Further thoughts on Perth vs Dundee

Aberdeen & Dundee are both university cities, with strong Art & Design schools. Something that Perth doesn't have. These institutions stimulate and challenge not only the students but also the inhabitants of the city. And because of the academic leadership and research that goes on, the city benefits as a result. A non- university city … Continue reading Further thoughts on Perth vs Dundee

A Fair City?

We left Perth and moved to Aberdeenshire in 2004. It seems like a lifetime ago. Back then, Perth was a prosperous market town and the locals tended to look down on it's city neighbour along the Tay. How times have changed. Many of the locals still look down on Dundee, but living as we do … Continue reading A Fair City?

What happens when Industry goes?

As usual, my Sunday morning started out with checking twitter whilst having my porridge & some freshly brewed coffee. One of the first posts to catch my eye was from Glenn Le Santo on the demise of Detroit. Glen & I then exchanged several tweets on the subject and our concerns for the UK now … Continue reading What happens when Industry goes?