The Evening League – an Aberdeen Institution

Every Tuesday evening, from the beginning of May through to the middle of August when the light starts to fade, if you drive out past Garlogie a strange sight meets your eyes. The Evening League, an Aberdeen cycling institution, will be taking place. Sixty-odd people, and the word "odd" is used for a reason (!) … Continue reading The Evening League – an Aberdeen Institution

Rising Westerley 100 mile timetrial

Rather than tell you about my woes, I think race organiser Isobel Smith's race report sums up the magnitude and challenge of the day. Here it is, copied word for word. Result of Rising Westerly 100 TT 29th August 2010 Promoted by GCRT Start 7am Course AB100/2 Must be the worst day ever to ride … Continue reading Rising Westerley 100 mile timetrial