Spring’s coming….

Training on the turbo is okay, it's something I've got myself used to over the past few years, indeed sometimes it's better for specific training sessions. That's okay midweek, when training is done before or after work. It's dark then anyway. But the weekends are for riding outside. I spend the week working in an … Continue reading Spring’s coming….

Team McGill

A lot of my non-cycling friends are intrigued by the amount of training that we do. Saturday morning, after tweeting about doing a 2 hour session on the turbo, I got a bunch of tweets saying that just reading my tweets made them feel tired! As a club rider, I don't do half the training … Continue reading Team McGill

Winter training 2011 style

This has ben an odd winter. Normally we don't see snow here until the new year. This year it arrived mid-November. On top of that I broke my collarbone on 13th November, so it's been anything but normal. It's now been ten weeks since the crash, and that's meant a lot of training indoors (I … Continue reading Winter training 2011 style